Company Culture

Quality policy is the aim and direction which our quality management job  should follow for a long time.
Our quality policy:precision products,meticulous production,timely delivery,heartful services.
1.We promise: Everyone does the job accord with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.We implement the system management of the overall process of our whole company management. In order to ensure the efficiency of system management, we constantly improve the workmanship to stop and prevent the occurrence of disqualification.  
2.We promise:While in strives for survival and development by the quality, we adhere to the thought of "customer-oriented"  all the time. Our principle of service is to meet all customer needs and keep customers and allow customers to benefit from everywhere.   
3.We promise:We propagandize the quality management requirements form top management to the staff,continuously to  exploit everyone’s potentialities and improve the quality by advanced technology and management. 
4.We promise:  we adhere to the guide of market-oriented, face the future, stick to continual improvement, continually to meet the new requirements of the customers,  to reach a new stage on every aspect.


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