Heavy duty connector

click:    Date:2022.11.08

Heavy-duty connectors are designed for modular production and pre-wiring and meet the requirements of harsh environmental conditions. Its main application fields include rail transit, industrial automation, equipment manufacturing and other industrial fields. Compared with the traditional wiring method, the use of heavy-duty connectors can reduce the field wiring work after the equipment or vehicle leaves the production workshop, improve production efficiency, and reduce the quality risk of field wiring.

Flexible production is the core embodiment of Industry 4.0. The modular design, production and application of each functional block of equipment can lay a solid foundation for flexible production. With the in-depth development of industrial automation, there are more innovations in product equipment. For example, many equipments have adopted modular design, and their functions can be continuously expanded according to application needs. The use of heavy-duty connectors including pneumatic modules, high-current modules, electromagnetic shielding modules and D-Sub modules not only realizes fast connection between modular devices, but also ensures the transmission of signals and power supply. For machinery and equipment manufacturers, not only safe and reliable connections can be obtained, but also installation time can be saved and overall production costs can be reduced. For terminal users, they can freely install and operate equipment without professional guidance, and maintenance becomes simple. This not only increases the effectiveness and availability of machinery, but also reduces installation time and reduces maintenance time.

SMICO Electric is a comprehensive professional enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of industrial heavy-duty connectors. The company has modern workplaces such as injection molding workshop, hardware workshop, die-casting workshop, assembly and mold workshop, and has product research and development and product performance testing laboratories and a number of technical patents. We are committed to providing high quality products for industrial connection systems. There are thousands of combinations of SMICO connector product series, which can meet the electrical and signal connection requirements in different fields and occasions.




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